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Strategy building

Building clear and robust pathways to achieve your goals 

Strategy is the formulation of vision and goals into actions. To be effective strategies and goals need to be regularly monitored not only to ensure that actions are on track but also that the strategies and goals are still relevant. Strategy is not necessarily fixed for the term of organisationís strategic plan.

Within the context of scenario planning identified opportunities and threats can be converted into strategies that will give competitive advantage. Strategies identified through a scenario planing process are regarded as robust in that they have a high likelihood of success, regardless of what future might occur.

Within the context of priority setting, strategies can be defined to address weaknesses and strengthen opportunities thus ensuring that priority areas are appropriately resourced.

Strategies are linked to goals and vision. These can be documented in a strategic plan together with suitable performance indicators to monitor progress and various short-term actions.

Four Scenes has extensive experience in strategy development including facilitating vision, goal and objective formulation. Four Scenes can assist and advise in the development of strategies that are aligned with the clientís vision and strategic goals. Four Scenes is also experienced in facilitating the identification and formulation of appropriate performance indicators and review processes.


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