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Facilitation and learning

Developing ideas and strengthening management capacity 

Independent facilitation allows organisations to be objective in their strategic planning. It also allows decision makers the opportunity to explore new areas and new approaches. Scenario planning, priority setting and strategy building processes require independent facilitation to be most effective. These sessions often involve groups of internal and external stakeholders.

Four Scenes guides groups through issues using methods such as brainstorming, identification and analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT), causal loop diagrams, affinity diagrams and so on. Groups are guided through the analysis of outputs and prepare a response to improve the situation. Issues are clearly defined and procedures implemented to ensure all viewpoints are captured.

Four Scenes has much experience in working with small and large groups. Mike is an experienced facilitator, whether it is with a group of sixty for three days or a group of seven for a couple of hours. His experience is with public and private sector organisations, within Australia and overseas, especially throughout Southeast Asia.

Facilitation requires good people skills, being able to keep the group moving along and motivated towards the purpose of the session and quickly dealing with difficulties that might arise.

Four Scenes can design and deliver a learning and development program to suit your specific needs to improve the strategic management skills of your staff. Mike has had particular experience working with a number of R&D Organisations in this respect, including the Forestry R&D Agency in Indonesia and the PNG Forest Research Institute. Typical programs cover understanding the external environment which includes scenario planning and development of strategic goals, and understanding the internal environment which includes priority setting and defining management strategies to address areas of weakness.

Learning and development programs are based on experiential learning with extensive use of hands-on case studies.

Mike has received highly favourable feedback from program participants and program sponsors.

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